Think Owning Gold Is Not Right for You? Think Again!

Contrary to popular belief, owning gold is not the same as investing in gold or even buying bonds. Nor is the passion that leads individuals to buy gold the same as what drives investors to invest in it. Owning gold is a means to financial security that can't be achieved any other way.
Buying gold creates a long-term security net for a portion of your wealth. The gold you own will never go down in value, regardless of what any other currency in the world does. While it may dip a bit here and there, gold is the base behind currencies. As such, it's here to stay. Owning gold only makes sense if you're looking for a financial safeguard.

Possessing gold coins, bars or other forms of bullion creates a physical asset in your own hands, on your own terms, irregardless of the world banking system. Whether your income crashes, your investments fail or you've neglected to amass enough retirement savings, gold will be there to protect you and your lifestyle.

You gain a sense of total independence when some of your wealth and assets are outside the world banking system. Even a few hundred dollars invested in real gold can make a surprising addition to your personal piggy bank. Just check an online currencies converter to see for yourself. If you prefer silver, or platinum, you'll also do well, rather than to have all of your financial security resting on paper money and a bank account.

By investing in gold coins or bullion that you hold in your hand, not gold bonds or e-gold, you can ensure your family has money, even if a disaster should debilitate the entire world (Heaven forbid!). And owning gold means that as soon as you possess it, it belongs to you until you're ready to use it or cash it in for something else.

Gold is beautiful to look at as well. It's much more aesthetically pleasing than a dollar bill. Holding paper money in your hand can't even compare to the feeling you get when you hold a gold coin or gold bar, feel its weight and know that it belongs to you. It often brings to mind the stories of gold rush days, pirate tales and mysteries associated with its acquisition and loss. Some have said that the worst and the best of human history has been written in gold. That may be true.

Because other forms of traditional investment are suffering in our uncertain economy, smart investors are protecting their assets by adding gold to create a diversified investment portfolio. It's a wise way to not put all your chickens in one basket as our grandparents would have said. Gold has always been a safety net, even during the most devastating financial catastrophes. Even small investors can make use of this easily-acquired tool to guard their personal finances against ruin or collapse.